Standard Components

Standard Components: – Mobile Agricultural Exhibits Trailer

  1. One (1) X 20’ gooseneck trailer (28’ total length) attractively wrapped to engage audiences and provide a
    backdrop for the educational kiosks. The trailer is wired should electricity be needed for any of the
  2. Eight (8) educational metal kiosks which roll off the trailer and open up to display a variety of agricultural
    exhibits intended to help the non-farm population learn more about farming and the source of their
    food. Commodities may include beef, pork, sheep, grain, eggs, local food, technology or the
    environment. Kiosks are interchangeable should a client wish information portrayed only on a few topics.
    All kiosks will have information for audiences to pick up. (e.g. recipes, fact sheets etc.). Mystery boxes
    can be incorporated into the kiosk display.
  3. The kiosks and other education components need to be in an area protected from weather, It is
    preferred that the trailer be included in the kiosks display area to provide a more effective overall
    display. Failure to do so will result in display be reduced by ambassadors, at their discretion, to protect
    the display materials and protect the safety of event visitors
  4. If event space availability does not permit placement of the trailer with kiosks then parking for the trailer
    must be provided on the grounds as close to the kiosks as possible.
  5. An additional roll-off bin that opens up to display various models of farm machinery for children to play
    with within the table area.
  6. The Trailer and displays will arrive on site at a time mutually agreed upon by the event organizers and
    the driver and setup in to the space allocated. Ambassadors will arrive during the time outlined to
    manage the display and act as an Agricultural Ambassador for your event. From time to time it may be
    asked of the event for the display to remain onsite passed the closing time of your event. This will be
    setup between the Event organizer and the Driver.
  7. Two (2) Durham Farm Connections Agricultural Ambassadors will be present with the trailer and kiosks
    during operating hours of an event to engage visitors and extend their agricultural awareness. Parking
    and admission passes must be provided for all DFC Ambassadors.
  8. An additional roll-off unit that carries “mini Maple the cow” will be included if available. This hands-on
    learning tool aids audiences to learn about the dairy industry. An electrical outlet is required for “mini
  9. All required electrical cords will be supplied by DFC and will conform to ESA standards. The event is
    responsible for providing covers for all cords within the display. Setup will take account to minimize
    cords within the traffic areas of the display.

All about ...

Sheep Farming

  • More than 30 different breeds of sheep can be found on the farms in Ontario.
  • Smaller farms have flocks of 50-200 sheep.
  • Larger farms have 800-1200 sheep.
  • Sheep produce many useful by-products.
  • A lamb knows its mother by the bleating sound she makes.