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Durham Farm Connections Mobile Agricultural Exhibit
“Connecting Your Food To Our Farms!”


  1. A 25% deposit is due upon booking.
  2. Remaining and final payment is due 30 days after the event.
  3. The 25% deposit is forfeited if the event is cancelled within 30 days of the event.
  4. Filling out the Durham Farm Connections Resources Request Form acts as a request and will be reviewed by the DFC Agricultural Exhibits Coordinator. Events will be considered once a completed request form is received. This does NOT guarantee that the agricultural exhibit requested will be visiting your event. You will be contacted for more information and to discuss details.
  5. If your event is confirmed the following must be provided:
    1. Parking and admittance passes for the event for the trucker and any DFC ag. ambassadors
    2. Proof of Comprehensive General Liability Insurance with a minimum limit of $2 Million

We encourage sourcing sponsorship to assist with costs and build community involvement.

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Buying Local Food

  • Buy Local! Buy Fresh!
  • Ontario is home to incredible farms, chefs and retailers producing and using fresh, local products.
  • We are passionate about getting fresh, healthy, affordable local food from our family farms to your family table!
  • Get to know your farmer, they take pride in the work they do for you!