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Child hand opening barn doorHave you ever wondered how cows or goats are milked? Are you curious how piglets or calves are cared about when they are first born? Have you ever wondered how eggs get from the farm to your dinner table?

Here is your chance to open the barn door and learn about all the farm animals!

Virtual Farm Tour

Take a virtual tour inside the farmer’s barn – you’ll meet the farmers who work hard to care for their animals and birds all year round! Begin the Virtual Tour!

Learn About Plants

We see plants all around us, every day. From trees to flowers to the grass in the park, there’s no doubt they look great. But there are so many more cool things about plants. Like the fact that they taste great. And did you know that we even wear plants as clothes! Let’s explore the world of plants.

Durham Region Agriculture Stats

Farm Receipts StatsSo you love fruit you say? Have you ever wondered what the major fruit crops are in Durham Region? The answer is Apples, Strawberries and Raspberries in that order.

Want more information and facts?

Download Durham Ag Stats.pdf according to the 2011 Census. It will give you a good look at Durham Region at a glance with stats on Major Fruit Crop, Share of Farm Cash Receipts and so much more.

Other Farm Activities

All about ...

Sheep Farming

  • More than 30 different breeds of sheep can be found on the farms in Ontario.
  • Smaller farms have flocks of 50-200 sheep.
  • Larger farms have 800-1200 sheep.
  • Sheep produce many useful by-products.
  • A lamb knows its mother by the bleating sound she makes.