Durham Farm Connections Celebrates Canada 150

In recognition of Canada’s 150 this year, Durham Farm Connections began a project to celebrate 150 years of agriculture in Durham Region. Over the past several months, over 75 local farm families have been identified as having a farming legacy that traces back to confederation. Through this farm family research, we have also gathered and recorded much of the agricultural history of Durham Region. The result of this heritage project will be shared at the Durham Farm Connections Celebrate Agriculture Gala on October 26th as a way of commemorating not only the hardworking farming community of today’s Durham but also 150 years of farming in Canada.

Leading up to the Gala in October, Durham Farm Connections would like to share the highlights of the region’s agricultural heritage in the form of articles and media releases. In the past 150 years alone, Durham has been the host and home to many of the most influential events and people in agriculture. The history of our local farming communities has played a significant part in shaping Canadian agriculture and continues to inspire future generations.

On a regular basis over the next several months, Durham Farm Connections will be sending out an article themed around local agricultural history. It is our hope that you will include these articles in upcoming issues and help share our agricultural history with the community. The first article, attached, focuses on the history of agricultural societies and the role they played over the years.


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