Past Award Winners – 2018

Farm Family of the Year – Bowman Family

The Bowman Family – Eric & Jenny, Aaron, Tasha, Aiden & Emma

The Bowman Family is a multi-generation farm family that has deep roots in the local community and has a strong passion for the environment, agriculture and rural lifestyle. They are committed to maintaining a healthy environment for future generations with continued use of best practices of farming methods. They are involved in their community, volunteering with the local hall board, 4-H, Ag Advisory committees, the Soil & Crop Association, Women’s Institute and Farm Connections. Over the years, the Bowman’s have transitioned their farm business successfully, moving from dairy to organic beef. They eagerly educate all who come down their driveway about their business, their products and the care of their animals. In their on-farm boutique you will find their farm products, as well as Eric’s paintings and an array of products and creations made by local artisans. They continue to share their family farm and its many stories and have introduced a multitude of folks to their fabulous farm philosophy.


Spirit of Agriculture Award – Harvey Graham

Harvey Graham is the epitome of honesty, hard work and integrity. He goes above and beyond to help others and has the desire to make the world a little better for his actions. On the advice of the local Ag rep, Harvey headed to Kemptville College instead of law school and continues to advance rural issues and be a leading voice for farmers. He and his wife have travelled extensively throughout Europe, Canada and the United States and continue to travel as they take folks from the area on a yearly Farm Tour, educating as they go. Even into retirement, he continues to mentor others to be successful in farming and to unite urban and rural folks alike. His presence inspires and encourages others to strive to be better. He has a wonderful sense of humour and is always ready with a good story. His volunteer and committee work include Blackstock Fair, Blackstock United Church, Cartwright School Board, the local, provincial and Canadian Cattlemen’s Association. He also served a few stints as a Councillor for Scugog Township. In 2018 he was inducted into the Ontario Agricultural Hall of Fame. He is a man with a plan and is optimistic about the future of farming.


Leadership Award – Mitch Morawetz

Mitch Morawetz is passionate about agriculture, his community and the world in which he lives. He is open-minded and embraces new ideas while at the same time is dedicated and committed to preserving his heritage and striving to be a steward of God’s creation. He knows the value of hard work and community involvement. He has been involved in 4-H as a member and leader and active in Junior Farmers. He participated in the Ontario Young Farmers Forum, competed at the International Plowing Match and teaches Sunday School and assists with outreach programs at his church. Mitch grew up on his family’s farm and currently crops about 600 acres and manages a flock of about 50 ewes. His most recent project is to look at bringing the Emily Project to Durham Region. As a Municipal Land Use Planner, his understanding and knowledge of the agricultural community has been an asset to all of the planning service branches and his colleagues. His candor and communication skills are an asset when dealing with issues that face our fast growing urban areas while ensuring agricultural lands are protected for future generations.

All about ...

Farming Sustainably

  • Farming sustainably means taking into consideration all five principals of sustainable food.
  • Why do farmers use pesticides?
  • What is Genetic Engineering and biotechnology?
  • Farmers rotate crops to keep nutrients in the soil.
  • Farmers use good bugs to fight bad ones.