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Let’s Talk About: Sustainable Agriculture

In recent years, sustainability has become an integral part of our world. As we learn more about the damaging effects we are having on our environment, the more we strive to do more to minimize the damage. Farmers are no exception to this. The term “sustainability,” as it is applied… Read More

All About: Turkey!

Whether it be enjoying a big turkey dinner during the holidays, or simply enjoying a turkey sandwich, turkey is a staple in many people’s diet. But how much do you know about turkey and turkey production? Durham Farm Connections is passionate about teaching the public about the food they are… Read More

Durham Region-An Agriculture Hub!

As you drive through Durham Region, you are greeted by acres of green, luscious farmland. You see cows peacefully grazing in the field, tractors driving down the roads and corn growing up tall in the field. Over 80% of Durham Region’s land is rural and the total farmland area in… Read More

All about ...

Farming Sustainably

  • Farming sustainably means taking into consideration all five principals of sustainable food.
  • Why do farmers use pesticides?
  • What is Genetic Engineering and biotechnology?
  • Farmers rotate crops to keep nutrients in the soil.
  • Farmers use good bugs to fight bad ones.